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Gedienka`eh FAQ

Just who is Gedienka`eh?

Gedienka`eh is a person who goes by the name of Tabitha Grace. Tabitha has a wide musical and literate background. She engulfs herself in music and books at all times. Very rarely is she seen without a book in hand, and rarely is she not heard humming, whistling, or singing to herself the catchy tunes implemented into Gedienka`eh's music. Gedienka`eh also includes a varied musical lineup. These musicians are skilled in the finer art of "rage-rock" and letting agression out through their music. Guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards... the essentials to all of Gedienka`eh music. Gedienka`eh is currently looking for musicians...are you interested? Click HERE for more info.

What does Gedienka`eh sound like?

What do you get when you mix David Bowie, Rage Against the Machine, Hole, and Tori Amos? That's right...the Gedienka`eh sound. Mostly influenced by these artists, as well as a few others (Radiohead, New Order, Depeche Mode, NIN, and Madness), their music is quite ecclectic and easily enjoyed by a large audience.

Just what does the band's name mean?

Tabitha Grace is the only one, supposedly, who knows what it stands for. She obviously is trying to be the secretive type, like KMFDM, but as Tabitha is quoted saying, "When we're famous, then you'll know. Our message will be spread loud and clear."

Where can I get some Gedienka`eh lyrics/music?

As of now, Gedienka`eh's music is not recorded professionally. Lyrics are available HERE, though. These are just a few of their songs.

How can I contact Gedienka`eh?

You can email Gedienka`eh HERE
Thanks for reading.